Download free Trial Version of Ol Monitor

Licensed users: If you have an Ol Monitor license, please Contact for link to download.

Licensed users: The latest Ol Monitor version is currently : 1.9.0j

Sunquest labs: Esker Smarterm needs to be installed first

Installing Ol Monitor Trial
Installation instructions
  • Run VIMTrial.exe
  • Install to default location
  • Run using smiley icon.
  • The program defaults to "Test mode", and will pull data from a test file. You can play around with the features in test mode.
  • To pull live data from a Sunquest server, you will need to disable Test mode and fill in some login information.
  • When Test mode is disabled and login information is present, Smarterm will launch a macro to pull data from the OL/PL/HRP log.

You may get a warning from Windows when installing about "Unknown Publisher" or "Windows Protected your pc". Click "Run anyway" or "More info" to continue the install.

If you are re-installing Ol Monitor, your previous settings will be loaded. Even after using the uninstaller to remove OL Monitor, settings will remain on the PC unless you wipe settings.

Can't find your old settings after installing a new version of Ol Monitor? Cycle through the settings locations using the "Reload with" option.

Setting up OL Monitor for the first time
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Download OL Monitor free 30-day trial
Download OL Monitor Trial version: 1.9.0j

All features and options of OL Monitor are explained in detail: Online manual.

Various topics of interest, handling special installs, and more: OL Monitor Blog.

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A collection of sound files for OL Monitor: Sounds.