Color-coded TAT's

Define multiple Turn-Around-Time rules with colors and even sound alerts.

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Create a system of color coded turn-around-times for your lab. You can keep it simple such as having all stats turn red after 30 minutes. Or you can be very specific and have only Cardiacs and CBC's from ER or ICU turn be orange at 0 minutes and after 20 minutes turn purple. It's very flexible. TAT rules can be combined into an intuitive system that keeps techs on their toes while saving time and effort.

Flexible test filtering system

Precise control over what does and does not appear on the list.

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One problem with displaying the pending list is that it is cluttered with numerous tests. Ol Monitor has a very flexible filtering system. Simple rules such as "Stat's only" can be combined with more complex rules with multiple conditions to show only the tests you are interested in.
You can have multiple filters and toggle filters on/off right from the main window. This is great for adapting the view for different times of day/workload etc.

Sorting / Grouping

Sort based on time, location, ...

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Any field can be used to sort such as Process Time, Location, Test Name, Patient Name, etc. In addition grouping sorts are useful for putting all tests from a location or department together while maintaining previous sorts. You are not limited to sorting based on just one field you can define multiple sorts.

Active support

Time is critical. Every day, OL Monitor will free up tons of time for you and every tech in the lab.

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OL Monitor is a vastly superior alternative to the typical laboratory pending test log. OL_Monitor is a program that interacts with the Sunquest™ (also other lab systems) Laboratory information system. OL_Monitor integrates seamlessly with Esker™ Smarterm, the client of choice for most laboratories. Like a tireless unblinking eye, it keeps up with the Outstanding log. In addition it adds critical information the Outstanding log lacks: HOW LONG TESTS HAVE BEEN OUTSTANDING.

See your OL/Pending test list in realtime
View multiple worksheets/departments

Pending log, HRP Orders Not Processed, ADT, and even OEE log.

Got a report you'd like to automate? We can add it.

A proactive solution

Most approaches to improving turn-around-time are top-down and after-the-fact. OL Monitor is a tool for techs that saves time.

Time tested and widely used

Over 150 hospitals are using OL Monitor. Most have 3 or more displays, and a few of the larger systems have over 50 Ol Monitors in use!


Set it and forget it

OL Monitor can run 24/7 hands-free. It updates the log view itself and requires no user-interaction, freeing techs to do their work.

Large screen or normal

Many labs envision OL Monitor displayed on a large LCD screen and it excels at that, but OL Monitor is a normal Windows application that runs just like any app on a work pc!

Get work done faster

Through automation and smart monitoring of pending work, a burden is lifted from your techs shoulders...


Perfectly designed

In the lab we answer calls about tests and look them up. It's fun but time-consuming. With Ol Monitor you have an up-to-date list containing the information you need to quickly answer questions. It used to be frustrating when the lead tech would come along, printed outstanding log in hand, checking on tests that I'd already resulted. A tedious but necessary task. The process is quick and easy with Ol Monitor. Now the lead can spend time on other tasks and I keep up with workload on a real-time basis.


Ol Monitor for the Lab, ER, and more

Sometimes people would forget to tell me I had a stat, or I would forget. I'd get a sickening feeling in the pit of my stomach when I realized a stat had been sitting there WAY too long, and rush to get it done. Now I know exactly what needs priority, and how long it's been sitting in the lab.
It's stressful when doctors or nurses call to the lab looking for results and you have to stop and look up the status. It's a waste of your time and their's. With OL Monitor you can quickly see the status. Even better you can drop an Ol Monitor display in their department and save everybody a lot of time. Saving all this time tends to speed up lab Turn-Around-Times as well.
There are still more advantages to the OL_Monitor that are not so easy to describe. You can try out the OL_Monitor risk-free for 30 days and explore all it's options. Any customizations you make while setting up the trial are automatically transferred if you decide to purchase. The average American spends six months waiting at stoplights and five years waiting in line over his/her lifetime. How much time will you waste poring over printouts of the pending log? You owe it to your techs and yourself to check this one out.


Techs love Ol Monitor.

"Eric, I just want you to know that we started our second round of installing OL Monitor. Everyone in the lab and now the ED absolutely LOVE the monitor. I just reviewed the application with the ED Director at RMC and he is very pleased with the product."
Pam S.
Presence Health
"PS. We love our OL Monitor program. Our Phlebotomists are upset if it isn’t up and running all the time. We also use it in our Hematology/Coag/Urinalysis Dept and our Chemistry Dept."
Elinor R.
Jupiter Medical Center
"Thank you. I have installed the ‘free’ trial. I am going to seek approval. We love the OL-Monitor and have been lost without it!!"
Kristen D.
Hurley Laboratory


Ol Monitor is a Windows application.



Ol Monitor is a Windows application and runs on Windows XP, 7, 8.1, and 10.

VT Terminal emulator

Smarterm required for Sunquest® labs only.

OL Monitor uses Esker Smarterm® (sold separately) to interface with Sunquest®. (HMS and other labsystems do not require Smarterm®)


Minimal PC

Intel Pentium 2Ghz or above is sufficient for day-to-day Ol Monitor use..

Network access

Intranet only

Ol Monitor only requires internet access for optional updates. Local network access is required for pulling data from the server.


OL Monitor software license pricing is progressively discounted depending on the number of licenses purchased.

If your organization has purchased Ol Monitor licenses previously, they apply towards your discount.

Please see the purchase page for a quote.

(The "Enterprise" or "Unlimited" labels that may appear are not related to the licensing terms. The license terms are
one license per installed pc.)


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Thank you for your interest in OL Monitor

Eric Ainsworth

Hi my name is Eric Ainsworth and I am the author of Ol_Monitor. The result of years of work with Sunquest® and Smarterm®, Ol_Monitor has been improved and made compatible for all versions of Sunquest and adapted for other LIS systems too.

(*OL_Monitor is not associated in any way with Sunquest® corporation or Esker® Software.)